Will people ever understand?

Today I wake with a grateful heart as we have now reached 32 weeks of pregnancy. Not much to report, other than incredibly vile heartburn and a gorgeously wriggly baby. I wanted to write today specifically about the condition that I suffer from and how it affects expectant mothers, their partners and wider family. Last... Continue Reading →

The world’s most dramatic week! 

Sorry for the delay in this catch up post. We have had a few days R&R to allow ourselves to recoup. Last week was a little crazy to say the least. . . . On Tuesday night at 10pm I started with horrendous pain and contractions. We called the Labour ward and set off to... Continue Reading →

A week of ‘Nothing’

Not much in the way of drama to report this week. No hospital visits or emergency procedures. I guess you could say that 'all is quiet on the western front' Then why do I still feel restless? It's almost as if I'm waiting for the next issue to occur. To those none IC sufferers, this... Continue Reading →

Preventing Prematurity on World Prematurity Day! 

Hello all, The weeks have really ticked by and we are now 22 weeks and counting! Since my last post, a lot has happened.  As some of you may be aware, I travelled to London on Wednesday to see Professor Shennan and the team at the St Thomas preterm clinic.  Upon arrival I was scanned... Continue Reading →

It’s OK to Not be OK.

This week sees me turning 16 weeks pregnant and there is so much to feel positive about! No sickness, tons of energy and I'm out of the danger zone right? WRONG. 16 weeks to us is the start of what we have decided to label our 'Danger Zone' The second trimester of pregnancy has brought... Continue Reading →

The Modified Shirodkar!

Breathe a sigh of relief. . . . IT'S IN! I had my modified shirodikar suture put safely in place and I must admit I feel much better. It was a pretty strange day i'm not going to lie. A real mix of emotions. I felt relief, excitement and most of all fear. The procedure... Continue Reading →

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