I woke up with a terrible headache and absolutely exhausted. I very cruelly felt as though I had a hangover. This was impossible. I hadn’t consumed the three litres of prosecco i’d usually polish off with the girls. I felt awful but I had to snap out of it.

I began to research cervical insufficiency in great detail. I read everything I could to gain a deeper understanding into the condition and what I could do to maintain this pregnancy. I needed advice and I needed it quickly. Where do I turn?

The scary thing about this condition is that most GP’s don’t know a great deal about it, nor do they know much about the procedures available to help. If they do happen to know a little about the procedures they tend not to know who or where to refer you. I have unfortunately learnt this the hard way.

I stumbled across the holy grail of information. A place that can give you access to not only the information you require, but a place that can give you the names and email addresses of the specialists that will carry out your procedure and keep your baby safe. This place is the ‘UK TAC support group’ They can be found on Facebook.

I added this group and posted a heartfelt message stating my despair. I informed the group of my need for a referral to a specialist but that my GP and consultant had refused. I was met by a flourish of replies  from group members reassuring me and sharing their stories. I was encouraged to seek the care I deserved. I was given the name and email addresses for the three UK TAC specialists and told to email them immediately.

The ladies not only had empathy and understanding but the wealth of information they were so willing to share was invaluable. The support that I received, and continue to receive today, is undoubtedly life changing. For the first time in weeks I felt a glimmer of hope. They talked about the different types of cerclage and the criteria needed to qualify for them. It was clear to me that this group of women had been brought together through the most awful circumstances, yet all they wanted to do was to raise awareness, prevent pregnancy loss and support those unfortunate enough to struggle with an Incompetent Cervix. One lady in particular named Joanne, took the time out of her day to encourage and reassure me. I’m not particularly religious but this woman is an angel. I owe her big time and will never forget her humour and kindness at such a dark hour.

That night I emailed the specialists. I got an immediate response. Within 48 hours I was on a train, en route to meet my new Doctor.


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