The Modified Shirodkar!

Breathe a sigh of relief. . . . IT’S IN!

I had my modified shirodikar suture put safely in place and I must admit I feel much better. It was a pretty strange day i’m not going to lie. A real mix of emotions. I felt relief, excitement and most of all fear.

The procedure was explained to me in full and it was agreed that my bladder would be lifted up, out of the way, to ensure that the stitch was placed as high as physically possible around my cervix. The procedure would be carried out under a spinal anesthetic. I would be numb from the waist down and awake throughout the procedure.

On the whole it wasn’t as unpleasant as anticipated and a lot less stressful than the last time I had a cervical stitch.

A few key points I would like to share . . . .

  1. The Spinal – Be prepared for the emotion that comes with losing control of your lower body. I like to think I’m big and brave, however, seeing people move your legs around into obscure positions and not being able to feel it would bring even the bravest of women to tears!
  2. The Sensation – The anesthetic given provides complete pain relief. Unfortunately it does not stop the sensation of all the prodding and poking. This was the bit that I really struggled with. Zero pain yet incredibly odd! Prepare to feel like you have a team of people carrying out the washing up in your tummy. Urghh!!
  3. Don’t Rush The Wee – Recovery is pretty straight forward. All feeling in lower body returns and as soon as you have consumed food and water with no issue you are pretty much good to go. I am fortunate and seem to recover pretty quickly, I was up and on my feet within a few hours. The only other requirement is that you must empty your bladder of at least 250ml of clear urine once the catheter is removed. Being the impatient sod that I am, I attempted to wee around 5000 times. This was in fact delaying me even further. . . .had I just waited for my bladder to fill and empty when I felt the urge, I’d have been long gone. My constant trying to pee only delayed this build up. Best to drink water slowly and wait for nature to take its course.

Within 5 1/2 hours we were en route back to the hotel. The next few days I did feel a bit under the weather. Mild ‘period style’ cramps, a little lower back pain and emotionally drained. After a lazy day in bed back at home I was on the mend and ready to start the next leg of this crazy journey!



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