Preventing Prematurity on World Prematurity Day! 

Hello all,

The weeks have really ticked by and we are now 22 weeks and counting!

Since my last post, a lot has happened.  As some of you may be aware, I travelled to London on Wednesday to see Professor Shennan and the team at the St Thomas preterm clinic. 

Upon arrival I was scanned and we had a little bit of a shock. I had unfortunately funnelled to my stitch and my cervix had shortened dramatically. This meant that the sack that holds my waters was trying it’s damn hardest to escape. The positives were that my stitch was doing its job and my cervix remained closed. I tested positive for fetal fibronectin, meaning my chances of preterm labour were increasing. Shit. I was not expecting this.

Professor Shennan agreed that it would be much safer for me to be seen on a weekly basis for check ups at a hospital that was more accessible for us. His primary choice was Leeds General Infirmary, under the care of Dr Nigel Simpson.

I made the journey home feeling pretty bloody devastated. I’d felt so good until this point.  I had just been given a sharp reminder that cervical insufficiency really is a silent condition. It creeps up on you without any warning. 

Upon return home I contacted Dr Simpson. Something felt amiss. We agreed to meet in a weeks time. I still felt uneasy. This must have been apparant in my text to Dr Simpson as a few minutes after my reply he offered to meet me earlier, on Friday at 2pm (today). I gladly accepted. 

Tonight I write to you from a bed on the Labour Delivery ward at Leeds General. . . . At 2pm today Dr Simpson discovered that my condition  had deteriorated.  My cervix had shortened from 22mm to 5mm and the funneling had increased. We were now in dangerous territory and as you all know I’m still a few weeks away from viability.

Dr Simpson explained our options and it was agreed that I needed to be re stitched as soon as physically possible.

Within 2 hours I was on the ward and prepped for theatre. My current stitch was to be carefully removed, the membranes needed to be pushed back inside and a fresh stitch was to be inserted. 

Thankfully the procedure went well. I’m currently lay in recovery feeling incredibly grateful for the NHS, for my doctors and for the teams of people that are dragging me through this pregnancy.

It turns out that on world prematurity day, of all days, we may have avoided exactly that. 

I’m off to sleep now. It’s been a hell of a day. . . . Night all ❤ 

Ps Huge apologies for my spelling, punctuation and Grammar. .  . I’m writing this from my mobile and have codeine blurry eyes! ❤

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