The world’s most dramatic week! 

Sorry for the delay in this catch up post. We have had a few days R&R to allow ourselves to recoup.

Last week was a little crazy to say the least. . . . On Tuesday night at 10pm I started with horrendous pain and contractions. We called the Labour ward and set off to get checked out. 

The contractions, pain and tightenings continued well into the night and didn’t stop untill 2am. The team at Burnley had no idea what was causing this and we had no choice but to just ride it out and wait and see. 

It proved difficult to see if my cervix was opening. There was no way I could have a cervical scan or a Foetal Fibronectin Test, so we had no choice but to hope for the best.

I was eventually transferred to the ward where the contractions stopped but the pain remained for 2 days. I had steroid injections to help develop baby’s lungs,  pain relief every 4 hours and my obs checked every 4 hours. I was absolutely terrified. 

A doctor from the neonatal unit appeared to talk me through the events that would occur should our baby arrive early. This was just awful. We know this journey all too well. I was convinced our little one was going to arrive at 24+6.

After a few days the pain started to settle and it was evident it wasn’t labour. I was discharged with an abundance of pain killers and medication to help with a blocked bowel. This blocked bowel had potentially caused false labour pains!

The same morning I was discharged we had an appointment with Dr Simpson in Leeds at the prematurity Clinic.

We were given the most amazing news!!! The second stitch that Dr Simpson placed was holding everything together amazingly! My cervix is still closed, the membranes are tucked away nicely and I have over 3cm of cervix beneath the stitch! 

Dr Simpson also carried out a repeat FF Test. The last time I had this test my number was 149 (high risk of preterm labour) and the second test gave me a number of 8! This has reduced drastically and we are now currently at LOW risk of preterm labour!!! 

We couldn’t have asked for any better news! Our baby girl is tucked in nice and safe. She is growing perfectly and seems happy and incredibly active! Thanks to Dr Simpson’s handy work my cervix is also now behaving itself! 

We are still a long way from safety but we are getting there. Every day is precious and this week sees us hit 26 weeks. 

I am so thankful for the care we have received to date. Our NHS really is absolutely incredible. I value every healthcare professional that has helped keep our baby safe. We are both eternally grateful.

We are enjoying feeling safe this week. I will write again after my next check up with Dr Simpson a week on Thursday.

Keep everything crossed for us. 

Laura xxx

Ps how amazing is this little scan picture of our little ones face ❤ 

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