About Me 

My name is Laura, I am a 31 year old mother to two incredible children and am also lucky enough to be carrying our miracle baby no:4.

Pregnancy is not something my body has ever found easy. Medically I have a few issues to say the least. Due to this I have decided to share my pregnanacy journey with you.

After the birth of our eldest boy at 27 weeks, a late miscarriage of our daughter at 23 weeks and the early arrival of our youngest boy at 25 weeks, I can safely say I never thought as a family we would ever be brave enough to try again. . . . . Yet here we are!

I hope this blog can help to restore some hope to the lives of those mothers or mothers to be that have experienced miscarriage, the loss of a baby or endured the trauma of pre term labour.

I simply can not wait to share this amazing yet terrifying journey with you! 



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