🌈It’s Rainbow Baby Day!🌈

Hi all, We've been rather quiet of late. Let's just say our tiny princess has become a little bit of a handful. . . I've no idea where she gets it from! I thought I'd come out of hiding. Today seemed like a good day to do so. Today is🌈 National Rainbow Baby Day 🌈... Continue Reading →

Seeking Specialist Care

Well they say time flies when you're having fun! Where an earth have the last 14 weeks gone? How insane is this full term baby malarkey?!? We have a 14 week old baby that is already trying to roll over, has a little tooth poking through and has had her first taste of Mamma's home... Continue Reading →

Goodbye for now. . .

So here we are. . . . Our Rainbow is very much with us and settling into family life well. This post marks the end of our rainbow pregnancy journey. When we decided to share our journey through pregnancy no:4, we never imagined we would drum up such support. We didn't realise how much we... Continue Reading →

Will people ever understand?

Today I wake with a grateful heart as we have now reached 32 weeks of pregnancy. Not much to report, other than incredibly vile heartburn and a gorgeously wriggly baby. I wanted to write today specifically about the condition that I suffer from and how it affects expectant mothers, their partners and wider family. Last... Continue Reading →

The world’s most dramatic week!Β 

Sorry for the delay in this catch up post. We have had a few days R&R to allow ourselves to recoup. Last week was a little crazy to say the least. . . . On Tuesday night at 10pm I started with horrendous pain and contractions. We called the Labour ward and set off to... Continue Reading →

A week of ‘Nothing’

Not much in the way of drama to report this week. No hospital visits or emergency procedures. I guess you could say that 'all is quiet on the western front' Then why do I still feel restless? It's almost as if I'm waiting for the next issue to occur. To those none IC sufferers, this... Continue Reading →

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