The Prof & the Preterm Surveillance Clinic!

We arrived at St Thomas hospital at around 1:30pm, not really knowing what to expect. After a short wait Professor Shennan called us through for our first meeting. His knowledge and professionalism was clear from the start. Straight away I was asked a series of questions to try to determine the cause of my cervical... Continue Reading →


I woke up with a terrible headache and absolutely exhausted. I very cruelly felt as though I had a hangover. This was impossible. I hadn't consumed the three litres of prosecco i'd usually polish off with the girls. I felt awful but I had to snap out of it. I began to research cervical insufficiency in great detail. I... Continue Reading →

Tears, TACS and tantrums.

    It happened really quickly. . . . It always does with us, (something I am eternally grateful for) and after 4 weeks of contraception free 'Mum & Dad time' we got our first positive pregnancy test! Hurrrrraaaar you say? No. Que the worlds biggest melt down. What an earth have we done? How... Continue Reading →

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